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Tint Stencil Eyebrow Contour Brow One Step Shaping Kit

$4.38 $5.84

The Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit is Made from high-quality materials, natural and eco-friendly, with no irritation and naturally no falling off. It is a soft mushroom head design, firm grasping powder, novices can quickly color. This Eyebrow Stamp Stencils Kit is waterproof and sweatproof, naturally does not fall off, can be easily put on, very suitable for beginners.

This One Step Brow Shaping Stencil Lit is Mini and practical, has fine texture, natural color development, a soft mushroom head design, and is very cute and practical. You can also perfectly modify the hairline and forehead, making your hairline and hair full and thick.


  • Ingredient: Brow Stamp
  • Size: Full Size

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