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Ultrasonic USB Fogger Mini Air Humidifier

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The Ultrasonic Mini Air Diffuser is made of good quality ABS material, durable to use. A large amount of fog from the humidifier will be quickly integrated into the air and will not condense into water droplets, which will not affect driving. Your travel companion humidifier can purify the dirty air in the enclosed space in the car. It is suitable for home, bedroom, office, car, travel, etc.

The Aromatherapy Humidifiers Diffuser is bring home a whole new dimension of life with this innovative mist diffuser. It is perfect for the bedroom or home office. With an adjustable mist output, you can enjoy your favorite aromatherapy essential oil blend for a relaxing, refreshing experience at the touch of a button.

This Ultrasonic mist diffuser offers a peaceful, relaxing setting for everyone to enjoy. It is automatic power failure protection, and anti-dry, and with a USB port, you can also plug in a small fan or night light to use with the humidifier. The Car Portable USB Fogger is small size, lightweight, small size, easy to carry, and always takes care of yourself and your family, away from a drought.


How to use:

Step 1: Open the top cover, and pull out the cotton swab. (Don't lose the spring)
Step 2: Add water to the humidifier
Step 3: Place a cotton swab into the water for 2 minutes. Then Gently squeeze the cotton swab to release some of the water.
Step 4: Put the cotton swab into the suction tube.
Step 5: Plug the Humidifier into a power source.
Step 6: Press the button 

Ultrasonic USB Fogger Mini Air Humidifier

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